TCT 2019 Live Case with Dr. William Gray

See VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution in action with Dr. William Gray's challenging MitraClip™ case at Main Line Health.

The new VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution is an RF-wire based platform that allows you to fast track access-to-delivery with a single, exchangeless solution.* Watch here as Dr. Gray navigates the VersaCross® RF wire around complex venous structures to start at the SVC, crosses the septum with RF puncture technology, and instantly deploys his pigtail wire without the need for exchanges.

Dr. Gray also highlights the first-ever shapeable, snap-fit dilator to optimize transseptal location. This TruForm™ Shapeable Technology allows for true-to-form curve retention to optimize trajectory onto the fossa and ensures a rotational lock between dilator and sheath to maintain curve alignment.

This video has been provided by TCT 2019/TCTMD. Baylis Medical’s use of this video does not convey, suggest, or imply an endorsement of, or support by, Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) or any of CRF’s affiliated physicians, of any products, services, or outcomes made by Baylis Medical. * VersaCross® RF Wire can be used, without exchanges, as a guidewire, as a transseptal puncture device or as an exchange rail for delivering therapy sheaths.


Transseptal Puncture for Structural Heart Procedures

Advance your transseptal skillset for structural heart procedures with the technical and clinical guidance of expert faculty. Learn about all facets of transseptal puncture, from essential background to advanced transseptal scenarios, through interactive didactic lectures, engaging discussion with expert faculty, and illustrative case presentations, in the most comprehensive webinar series on transseptal puncture to date.

Webinar 1: Foundations of Transseptal Puncture

Learn the fundamentals of transseptal puncture and advance your transseptal skillset for left-sided structural heart procedures with instruction from expert faculty in part one of this three-part series. New to transseptal? Request hands-on simulator training to complement the didactic lectures and help sharpen your transseptal skillset.

Learning objectives

  • Understand necessary anatomy and correlation to imaging for transseptal puncture
  • Review the best tools for safe, controlled, and precise transseptal access
  • Understand step-by-step transseptal technique
  • Recognize and manage potential complications of transseptal puncture

Tuesday, September 22 | 7:00 PM EDT Program Director: Gagan Singh, MD, UC Davis Health Speakers: Paul Mahoney, MD, The Sentara Heart Valve and Structural Disease Center Anita Asgar, MD, The Montreal Heart Institute Gagan Singh, MD, UC Davis Health Key highlights: 03:47 - Anatomy and Imaging – Dr. Paul Mahoney 23:15 - Transseptal Tools – Dr. Anita Asgar

39:17 - Transseptal Technique – Dr. Anita Asgar 52:02 - Step-by-Step Workflow – Dr. Gagan Singh 1:26:57 - Complication Management – (all speakers)

Webinar 2: Advanced Transseptal Scenarios

Abnormal septal anatomy, IVC filters, iliocaval tortuosity, and other anatomical limitations are just a few potential barriers to precise and predictable transseptal access. Hear from experts on their approach to overcome challenging transseptal access scenarios during left-sided structural heart cases.

Learning objectives

  • Explore alternative approaches for transseptal access in cases of extreme iliocaval tortuosity and interrupted or blocked IVC
  • Overcome thick, fibrotic, or aneurysmal septa
  • Troubleshoot site-specific transseptal puncture
  • Identify and navigate around right-sided leads, IVC filters, and septal patches during transseptal procedures

Tuesday, October 6 | 7:00 PM EDT Program Director: Gagan Singh, MD, UC Davis Health Speakers: Jason Rogers, MD, UC Davis Health Torsten Vahl, MD, Columbia University Medical Centre Paul Sorajja, MD, Minneapolis Heart Institute Gagan Singh, MD, UC Davis Health Key highlights: Dr. Jason Rogers 04:26 - Troubleshoot for Site-Specific TSP 10:00 - Dealing with Right-sided hardware 16:33 - Patient with piror septal occluder Dr. Torsten Vahl 21:45 - IVC filter 25:00 - Iliofemoral tortuosity Dr. Paul Sorajja 41:40 - Hyper-elastic/resistant septum Thick/fibrotic septum 45:05 Dr. Gagan Singh 1:00:35 - Small and low fossa 1:07:15 - Congenitally absent or occluded IVC

Webinar 3: Challenging Transseptal Cases - My Approach

Hear from an expert panel as they present their own examples of challenging transseptal access and how they approached each case in this virtual case-based workshop. Gain insight on tips and tricks to overcome challenging left-heart access through these illustrative case examples and lively panel discussion on various techniques used during each case.

Learning objectives

  • Review advanced transseptal case examples
  • Appreciate different techniques and approaches to various transseptal case scenarios

Tuesday, October 20 | 7:00 PM EDT Program Director: Gagan Singh, MD, UC Davis Health Speakers: William Gray, MD, Lankenau Heart Institute Saurabh Sanon, MD, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Matthew Price, MD, Scripps Clinic Eric Cohen, MD, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Key highlights: Dr. William Gray

05:56 - Transseptal Puncture with a small fossa or thick limbus 09:27 - Mitraclip case: small fossa ovalis with thickened limbus 12:35 - “Big 3” safety considerations for transseptal access 16:50 - Aortic puncture, posterior wall puncture, and Sondergaard’s groove Mitraclip case continued

Dr. Saurabh Sanon

27:43 - Transseptal considerations for mitral valve implantation 27:55 - Concomitant MVIV/PVL Closure Case 37:40 - Transseptal strategy 42:23 - PVL Closure 43:56 - Mitral Valve-in-valve 49:05 - Considerations for septostomy closure

Dr. Matthew Price

53:17 - Optimizing Transseptal Puncture for Watchman 54:05 - Case Example #1 1:02:31 - Case Example #2


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