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Evolution of Therapy-Driven Left Heart Access Solutions

Friday, April 29th, 2022, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

Chair & Moderator: Oussama Wazni, MD, FHRS — Cleveland Clinic

Today’s AF therapies require an increasingly tailored approach to left heart access. Hear from an experienced panel how they’ve improved the efficiency, safety, and precision of their workflow using the latest transseptal tools designed with single-shot, point-by-point, and LAAC procedures in mind.


Single Exchange Access for Single Shot Ablation

Devi G. Nair, MD, FHRS — St. Bernard’s Health

Optimizing Efficiency and Precision for Fluoroless AF Ablation

Jim W. Cheung, MD, FHRS — Weill Cornell Medicine

Reaching Peak Efficiency: Progression of LAAC Workflow

Moussa Mansour, MD, FHRS — Massachusetts General Hospital

Q&A / Panel Discussion

This program is not part of Heart Rhythm as planned by the Heart Rhythm Program Committee. This event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society. This event does not qualify for accredited continuing education (ACE) credit.

The VersaCross Connect™ Transseptal Dilator is for use with a 12F ID WATCHMAN™ Access Sheath that is 75 cm in length, specifically: WATCHMAN™ Access System [Models: M635TU40060, M635TU10060, M635TU20060]; WATCHMAN™ TruSeal™ Access System [Models: M635TU70010, M635TU70040, M635TU70020]; WATCHMAN FXD Curve™ Access System [Models: M635TU80010, M635TU80020].

VersaCross Connect™ LAAC Access Solution includes VersaCross Connect™ Transseptal Dilator and VersaCross® RF Wire.

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The VersaCross Connect™ Transseptal Dilator is used for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters and guidewires to all heart chambers, including the left atrium via transseptal perforation / puncture. The VersaCross® RF wire is indicated for creating atrial septal defects in the heart.

Referred to here are examples of several left heart procedures that require transseptal access.

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