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VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution is intended for left heart access. The VersaCross® RF wire is indicated for creating atrial septal defects in the heart. The VersaCross® Steerable Sheath is indicated for introducing various cardiovascular catheters to the heart, including the left side of the heart through the interatrial septum. In Canada, the VersaCross®️ Large Access Transseptal Dilator is used for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters and guidewires to all heart chambers, including the left atrium via transseptal perforation / puncture. In the United States, the VersaCross®️ Large Access Transseptal Dilator is indicated for use in procedures where access to the left atrium via the transseptal technique is desired. Referred to here are examples of several left heart procedures that require transseptal access.

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