Efficient, Exchangeless & Effortless

Access to the Mitral Valve

Tailor your solution with the VersaCross® Steerable Access Solution

Optimized RF Transseptal and Precise Steering To Mitral Valve May Be Required For:

Mitral Valve-in-Valve 1,2

Mitral Paravalvular Leak 3,4

Precise Steering

TruGlide™ Handling

Responsive, smooth, high-precision steering to confidently position your curve.

Tactile Feedback

Intuitive tactile feedback allows you to feel the extent of your curve deflection.

Controlled Torque

Accurately position with a 1:1 torque response braided sheath.*

* Based on bench testing conducted at Baylis Medical Company Inc. R&D labs. Results may not be indicative of clinical performance.

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3. Site-specific transseptal puncture for emerging structural heart interventions Rinaldi et al. Cardiac Interventions Today, 2014 4. Transseptal techniques for emerging structural heart interventions Alkhouli et al. JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, 2016 (DOI: 10.1016/j.jcin.2016.10.035)

VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution is intended for left heart access. The VersaCross® RF wire is indicated for creating atrial septal defects in the heart. The VersaCross® Steerable Sheath is indicated for introducing various cardiovascular catheters to the heart, including the left side of the heart through the interatrial septum. Referred to here are examples of several left heart procedures that require transseptal access.

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