Personalize your solution

Select from two wire tip configurations and a range of tailor-built sheaths as part of your VersaCross® Solution.

1. Choose your VersaCross® RF Wire

Pigtail or J-Tip Wire

RF Wire length: 180 cm, 230 cm

Wire diameter: 0.035"

Curve diameter: 9 mm (J-Tip), 24 mm (Pigtail)

2. Choose your VersaCross® sheath to complete your solution

VersaCross® Transseptal Sheath

French size compatibility: 8.5F (2.84 mm) Sheath usable length: 63 cm, 81 cm Dilator usable length: 67 cm, 85 cm

VersaCross® Steerable Sheath

Sheath curves: S (17 mm), M (22 mm), L (50 mm) Bidirectional angles: 90 CCW, 180 CW